March 21, 2023

Firefish Updates February 2023

Discover Firefish Updates From February 2023

Reports Dashboard Upgrades

In February we upgraded our reports dashboards even further, adding extra functionality for users to quickly sort their data columns by numerical, alphabetical and date order making it easier to track your recruiters’ activities.  

We have also bolstered the reporting capabilities by adding more fields and filter options to the candidate module, allowing recruiters to accurately measure their candidate source and segment candidates by location.

Reports dashboard

Web Template Improvements

At Firefish we offer an array of dynamic web templates for sites built directly into your CRM, and this month we made them even better. You can now add a small carrousel of live vacancies onto our content pages with the additional jobs plugin, and better yet you can filter this to reflect the specific industry or job type you desire.  

We have also upgraded aspects of the UI for several of our most popular templates and made it even easier to manage the content and branding of your site, all from within your CRM.  

New User Permissions

Our customers love the ability to set a variety of user permissions to control what data can be accessed, update and deleted across their system. And this month we added even more functionality to the user permissions.  

Superusers can now control which users are able to make changes on Contact and Company records. This change is also part of some exciting Company compliance work that is currently in its final stages of development and coming soon… so watch this space.

User management settings page