November 7, 2023

Firefish Software Investment Update

Firefish Software Investment Update

Six months on from the £4 million strategic investment by the Foresight Group, Firefish CEO, Wendy McDougall, shares an update on how we’re developing the company and the software.  

Firefish has prioritised investment in people, expanding it’s headcount by almost twenty percent with growth focussed on the product development team. Expansion has allowed Firefish to split the development teams down into core areas and achieve greater focus and faster output. As a result the Recruitment CRM, Job Workflow & Compliance, Web & AI, Integrations & Real Time Analytics teams have been able to push features live five times faster than was possible pre-investment.

Since investment Firefish has released some fantastic new integrations including, SourceWhale for marketing outreach, Tempaid for Pay & Bill and we’re now in Beta for the start of our Zapier journey, which will allow your Firefish CRM to link with hundreds of marketing campaign tools such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and HubSpot.

New features include benchmarking reports, that allow recruitment agencies to compare their average recruiter against industry peers, and native Firefish AI that allows the automatic creation of adverts, candidate summaries, web content and blogs.

The future roadmap is also bursting at the seams with expansions under development for sales forecasting features, multi-currency functionality and the introduction of a new time capture capability.

Firefish has enjoyed an amazing journey so far, and we're incredibly excited to continue our growth alongside yours.