September 17, 2015

Firefish Software at TruScotland 2015

On Thursday, the Firefish team were at TruScotland, and what a day we had! From the great recruitment chat to the Hard Rock Café lunch there were no complaints at all from our fish- but let’s get the important stuff out of the way before we start salivating for another Legendary Burger…

Tru Glasgow 2015

Firefish Co-Host the Event

We were delighted to attend the second TruScotland and to once again, sponsor and co-host the event. For those not familiar with the Tru set-up; rather than speakers and power points, there are Track Leaders who sit amongst a group of attendees and lead a chat on a topic of their expertise and interaction and questions are encouraged. Tru bills itself as the “un-conference” of the events calendar and this innovative approach definitely went down a storm yesterday.

Firefish at TruGlasgow 2015

Kicking everything off was Bill Boorman, the recruitment man in-the-know: as famous for his wise words as he is his hat collection. Then it was down to business as our CEO, Wendy, led one of the first tracks of the day where she discussed ‘What does your agency brand say about you?’ and she was definitely reppin’ our #lovethefish brand in full Firefish regalia.

Wendy McDougall at Tru Glasgow 2015

Wendy had the members of the group write down the words they associated with their company and then asked them to think about their online presence and the alignment between what message they were trying to portray and what audiences were actually seeing. It was really interesting to hear everyone’s thoughts and admissions about where their website isn’t portraying the brand as well as they want it to. Talk soon turned to social media, the importance of Meet the Team pages and personalisation of services. Brand really can give you a competitive edge as long as you give it enough time and dedication, own it and are honest with your audience about who you are as a company. Wendy was mobbed after her talk with people wanting her thoughts on their brand ideas and asking the story of Firefish (and that’s a story we’ll happily tell).

Tru Glasgow 2015 at the Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow

Our Chief Growth Officer- Alan- led a track in the afternoon; ‘Recruitment is becoming more about marketing than selling’. As the customer: company relationship is set to shift, Alan discussed how marketing can deliver content as customers shun direct human engagement and self-manage their interactions with companies. Recruitment-wise; candidates and clients will hold the power in that they can research companies, jobs and recruiters through websites, social media, Glass Door and other media before applying for a role or engaging with a recruiter. Recruiters need to prepare for this change and the loss of selling opportunities on their own terms. This talk went down a storm and there was a lot of great chat on social afterwards, Alan really got the people thinking.

A Track at True Glasgow 2015

There were many, many other fantastic Track Leaders and discussions happening. We were live-tweeting the event so you can see our posts on Twitter and also, check out the #truScotland hashtag for everyone else’s insights and thoughts! We had a great day at Tru even though we were pulling ourselves in all directions trying to prepare for our Housewarming Party that night. Massive thanks to our pals at PC Evaluate and HR Consultancy who co-hosted with us! See you at TruScotland 2016…