December 1, 2022

Firefish Product Updates November

Firefish Updates: November 2022

Terms Banding

Having a structure to your company terms is crucial for protecting your fees and being consistent across your agency, this month we released banded terms on Firefish.

Allowing recruitment agencies to set standard terms across a variety of salary bandings and customise these for individual clients. From here you can set a date for reviewing terms which will send you an automated reminder when the time comes.

We have also added the functionality to send your company terms and track this as a weekly KPI or in the reports dashboard. Furthermore you can control who has access to terms through your compliance workflows.

Open API

Firefish recruiters love the ability to integrate their tech stack into our leading recruitment CRM software.

In November we launched our open API, giving recruitment agencies the tools to choose their own integrations. Your API credentials can be managed easily from within Firefish and protected as part of our compliance workflows to ensure that only authorised users have access.

Advert Reporting

Last month we rolled out our new look reports dashboards and now we’ve made them even better.

The dashboards now include an Advert module to allow our users to track, analyse and compare the performance of job adverts. Recruiters can now see information on the number of vacancies posted and dive deeper into the specialisms, locations and industries of each Ad. Users will also see the number of ads posted on each job board through the multiposter.

Keep an eye out for future upgrades to advert reporting to measure your ROI from the job boards you use and mange your credits and costs more efficiently.