December 9, 2022

Firefish Product News - Reports Dashboard

Bring Your Data To Life With Firefish Reporting

New Look and Feel

Our new look reports dashboard is here!

Our recruiters love data and using our reports dashboard feature to see their activity, so over the last few months we have been improving the look and feel of our reports dashboards to make it even easier for our recruiters.

Our fully branded live dashboards have a user-friendly drag and drop interface allowing you to customise the layout of your dashboard with ease and build new reports in just a few clicks using a variety of visualisation options.

Going beyond a simple graph you can also stack your charts to compare your recruiters against their teammates and set a second level of display to break down activities by user or by date. Furthermore, if you like to dive deeper into the data you can click into your graph and see a detailed breakdown of the activities that make up your charts in customisable data columns.

Report on the Things That Matter

We also been hard at work to maximise the amount of data that recruiters have access to in our reporting. This includes Candidate and Contact data for measuring activity, Job data for analysing the job workflow, and Company data for understanding your client base and targeting your BD. What’s more, we have recently added more fields to track Compliance and Advert data to measure the performance of your job ads and make sure you can accurately assess your compliance activities respectively.

Check out the Reports Dashboard here.