September 17, 2019

Firefish Academy is Live

Swim over to the Academy!

It’s likely you already know about our award-winning recruitment blog full of tips and insights for recruiters – and if you don’t, you can check it out here.


We’ve been cultivating a really loyal following over the years (nearly a decade, that is!), so we wanted to expand our offerings and create more ways for people to enjoy our content. So, we’ve created two brilliant new video channels for those who enjoy watching top content as well as reading it.


Introducing… Firefish Academy and Firefish Live!


Firefish Academy

Camera, lights, action! Our very own Steven Eel-berg (otherwise known as Nick) has been working hard to bring our recruitment tips to life on the Firefish Academy, our brand-new video channel.


Check out some of our friendly movie star-Fish presenting videos packed full of recruitment tips, insights and how-tos, covering topics related to recruitment, recruitment marketing and recruitment sales.


If you want to see how Firefish Software can change the way you recruit, the Academy also has a whole range of videos that show you how our software addresses current industry challenges, such as recruiting passive candidates and ranking on Google for Jobs.


Watch our Firefish Academy teaser video below:





Visit the channel and subscribe to receive a notification when we post new videos!


Firefish Live

We’re proud to say we have one of the most engaged and best-attended Crowdcast channels in the recruitment industry.


Over the last few years, we’ve invited some of the biggest names in recruitment speak on hot topics that keep our subscribers coming back for more, every month. So, we decided it’s also time to create a new home for our entire back-catalogue of Crowdcasts so you never miss Firefish Live video chat again. 


Check out our Fab Fish having a whale of a time chatting to industry leading names such as Dualta Doherty and Hung Lee and subscribe to find out when we’re next going live!