August 3, 2023

Cheeky Tiki Time!

Cheeky Tiki Time!

The weather recently hasn’t felt like summer, so we’ve turned up the heat and excitement at our "Cheeky Tiki" Summer Social! We love a bit of friendly competition here at Firefish, and there was plenty on offer; from Tiki games, fin-tastic food, and of course, our end of month award winners!

Amy, our Employer Branding Executive, pulled out all the stops to ensure a fun filled day for the Shoal - I don’t think anyone will be forgetting the Cheeky Tiki relay any time soon! Who knew that a mash up of musical chairs and head, shoulders, knees and toes was the key to a great event?

The day was capped off perfectly by some awesome food from Chick Kings, some of the Shoal called it “the best food we’ve ever had at an event!”

And the winner is…

Seems like just like week, we were award of last cohort of End of Month Winners! Every month, we love to recognise and reward our Fish for their contributions to the Shoal, Focus Group or Firefish as a whole. Let’s dive into the announcing the winners for July!

First up, Aiden, our Customer Support Executive, took home the Fish of the Month award. Aiden has been leading the way on knowledge and input, filling his team with confidence, and setting the standard for others to meet. He had delivered so much over the previous month and has been pivotal in driving things forward, so congratulations!

Phenomenally Focussed Fish went to Joanne Causer, our Senior Growth Executive. Joanne has been leading the charge in her Focus Group, keeping everyone up to date with knowledge and making sure everyone gets the help or support they need to complete their tasks. She’s made fin-ominal impact over the past quarter, so this one is well deserved!

We award Team of the Month to the function that has made the biggest impact in the business over the last month. There's always so much competition for this as every function works so hard and contributes to Firefish and the Shoal, but in July Team of the Month went to our Customer team! Having most of the nominees for our monthly awards definitely helps, but Customer have had a stellar month, from smashing migrations, to onboardings, and providing first rate support to our customers. We truly couldn't swim to success without them!

How are we in August already? It’ll be Fishmas before we know it! Check back with us soon for more updates from the Shoal!