June 13, 2017

Casting Our #RecNet

London Here We Come

Last week saw the return of the UK Recruiter Recruitment Technology Innovation and Social Media Showcase!  At Firefish, we love exploring the world outside our Aquarium, and we love it even better if we can explore these places with our friends.  #RecNet is the best of both worlds therefore, hosted by our friends at UK Recruiter.


Wendy and Cammy swum down to London very early, and arrived in the hall for the reception at 10am bright eyed and shiny finned.  It was brilliant to bump into Katrina Collier, and we couldn’t miss out on the chance to spoil such a great Friend of the Fish with a VIP bag of our famous fish sweets!


Firefish VIP Bag of Sweets for Katrina Collier

Katrina then went on to deliver the keynote speech to the assembled guests and vendors, focusing on how to #BeHuman.  Not only did she deliver a five star talk, but it was backed up and illustrated really clearly with examples and screengrabs of when people had failed to be human in their social outreach, and the emotive impact of personalisation. 


Following the keynote speech, it was elevator pitch time with the vendors.  Two minutes in front of the audience to say hello and give everyone a little introduction to the business.  Wendy delivered our pitch in fine form and then it was onto a part of the day that’s almost as important.. Lunch!


Cammy and Wendy networked in the hall whilst enjoying the fabulous buffet spread that UK Recruiter had organised.  We do have a policy of ‘fish are friends, not food’, but the sweet chilli prawns were absolutely irresistible.  It’s hungry work attending a recruitment event!


After lunch, it was time for the demos.  Just like speed dating, Wendy and Cammy had twenty minutes to show off their product to interested attendees, and exchange details for a follow-up swim at a later date.  This continued until the expert workshops started, giving vendors and attendees alike the chance to pick up tips from great recruitment influencers such as Lisa Jones of Barclay Jones.  Wendy and Cammy also had the chance to catch up with other vendors, and made new friends in the form of Richard from ClickIQ, and David and Derry from 1UpSales.


A Welcome Breather

With the serious business out of the way, it was time for a few alcoholic beverages and the prize draw! This was a welcome breather for Wendy and Cammy to catch up with Louise Triance and look back on yet another fantastic UK Recruiter event.  Whilst Cammy was more than pleased with the selection of craft beer on offer, what makes UK Recruiter events special really is the people.  Louise and her team put a lot of work into making the Tech Showcase happen, and it’s clear to see it pays off.


Once the event had drawn to a close, Cammy and Wendy met up with more great Friends of the Fish, Stephen O’Donnell and his son Keir, who was videographer for the day.  With plenty of time to spare, the gang headed down to Covent Garden to tuck into some well deserved Thai food (and maybe another beer or two..).  This set them up well for their mammoth journey back – it was a case of trains, planes and automobiles to get our Fish safely back to Glasgow in time for a much-needed night’s sleep.


Thai Meal After RecNet

We already can’t wait for the next UK Recruiter event, but if you can’t either, drop us a line @firefishnow or call in to book a swim around our software.  The UK Recruiter events aren't the only ones we go to, so get in touch to find out when you can see us next.  We love making new friends, so dive in, the water’s lovely!