November 1, 2021

Firefish Bulk Archive/Delete Functionality

Bulk archiving on Firefish?

When it comes to your recruitment database the idea of ‘the bigger the better’ is not the case at all! If your system is full of ‘dead data’ you’re only making it more difficult for yourself to find the perfect candidate.

Well, we have made it really easy for you now to be in complete control of your data with our bulk archive/delete functionality. This is a feature that is highly sought after and that most CRM providers charge for, so we’re ecstatic to be bringing this into the feature for no extra charge!

Introducing out new functionality…

At every touch point where you have your candidate’s data, you can decide which of your recruiters can either choose to keep the candidate for the future, archive the candidates for a set period of time or completely delete them out of your CRM.

Helping you turn your CRM into your most asset.

But it get seven better… Firefish even automates your data cleansing for you highlighting candidates who have had no engagement for certain period of time, need to review their GDPR agreement or have been put in archive and it is now time to delete the candidates fully.  

Watch the video to get a preview of how it works:

Early feedback on this feature has been extremely positive, so we can’t wait to hear what you think.

If you’d like to see the functionality in action, book a free online demo with a member of our team.