April 30, 2024

April Focus Day

Focus Day

Focus Day – where we get together to review the last six months of positive impacts from our four focus groups, and brainstorm the projects we'll undertake to deliver key results in the next six months. And as it's in person, all our wonderful far-flung fish travel up to spend the day in the Aquarium before we head into Glasgow for some fun teambuilding!

Our Focus Groups are cross-functional teams, that look at a particular area of the business, and how we can improve it. Every member of the Shoal gets the chance to voice their thoughts and suggest changes, so it’s a fin-ominal way to get everyone involved!

“Focus groups are one of the best things to come out of lockdown for us, each time we learn and grow from the past 6 months, and I can't wait to hear what our talented teams come up with this time.”

The Shoal had a great time, getting together in our new Focus Groups for fiendish tricky and artistic challenge, getting our ideas flowing on what we’re going to achieve in the next six months!

“It was great to see everyone in person! Shows just how big we are when you get us all in the Aquarium”.

We also had our first sessions in our new Focus Groups. It was fin-ominal to see everyone bouncing ideas off each other and collaborating to find paths to solutions and new ideas. We love to allow each Fish to have their voice heard and make a real difference in the company. We make and lead the changes that we, and our clients, want to see, which is fin-tastic!

How well do you know the Clockwork Orange?

We sent the Shoal off on an adventure around the Glasgow Subway, finding landmarks and points of interest all across the city. From getting on your bike to unlocking your canal adventure, the teams all did amazingly well, deciphering the tricky clues to find everything on their Glasgow Scavenger Hunt.

Massive congratulations to Brogan, Callum, Campbell, Liam Stephen and Tommy for not only working out all the clues, but getting to the final stop of Innis and Gunn in record time!

We'll need another crown!

We love to recognise outstanding contributions across the Shoal and one of the many ways we do that is by crowning our Fin-ominally Focussed Fish. This quarterly award is awarded to the fish that has led the charge in their Focus Group; bringing new ideas to the table, pitching in to ensure projects get completed or sharing knowledge and solutions to the rest of the group.

As always, it’s incredibly hard to narrow down the nominees to one winner…so this time we have two! Byron Botha and Liam Morgan have jointly taken home the crown for their contributions in their last round of Focus Groups.

Having only joined Firefish earlier this year, Byron has jumped straight in at the deep end, making a huge splash in our Keep Swimming Focus Group. Liam was instrumental in the success of our Product Pulse Focus Group and did a brilliant job keeping on top of his projects. Their knowledge and expertise drove their groups forward, providing vital direction to keep everyone in the group aligned.