August 25, 2016

A Swim Around #TuringFest 2016

#Turningfest 2016

In the Aquarium, we’re all for a summer staycation when it comes to getting shit done. But every so often, especially when something as mega as the Turing Festival lands practically on your doorstep, it’s time for us to head for dry land and change it up a little.

Enter #TuringFest, a two-day tech festival held in Edinburgh during the Fringe. Having been to the second day, Full Stack Marketing, last year we knew we were in for a treat – and we weren’t disappointed.

Things kicked off with a look at some of the basic marketing skills needed to pay the bills, then moved rapidly through the specialist speakers, covering everything from web psychology to PR and PPC. They were all world-class with tonnes to offer, here are a few of our personal highlights;

Turing festival 2016

Samantha Noble

32 PPC Strategies in 20 minutes? No problem! There was loads in here for specialist and generalist marketers alike – making it one of the most accessible and knowledge driven talks of the day. If you want to understand PPC better, I’d recommend giving her a follow on Twitter  @samjanenoble

Nathalie Nahai

Being a bit of a hound for all things marketing-psychology, this was probably our favourite speaker of the day. Persuasive copy is essential for pretty much everyone these days, from specialist marketers to one-man band-ers, and Nathalie’s talk was full to the brim with information on how to better communicate with your target audience. Catch her on Twitter @NathalieNahai 

Oli Gardner

Making a return after a pretty awesome keynote last year, Oli was the conversion expert of the day. Taking us rapid-fire through the A-Z of conversion, landing pages, CTAs and the importance of clarity in all of the above…give him a follow on Twitter for some more top tips! @oligardner 

Wil Reynolds

What would a marketing conference be without taking a dip into the land of SEO? Non-existent in 2k16 would be my guess! Luckily, Wil had us covered – taking us through an enjoyably fresh talk about SEO from the perspective of ‘The People behind the Queries’. If you seek to understand and fix true user problems, give Wil a follow @wilreynolds

Rand Fishkin

Wrapping up the day with ‘The Worst Advice Marketing Ever Gave to Content’, Rand was knocking marketing myths out of the park left right and centre. This was another talk jam-packed with stats, actionable content and food for thought – to hear more from the self-proclaimed ‘Wizard of Moz’ give him a follow at @randfish

All in all, a great day out! With slightly sore brains but full of beans, it was time for our Growth team to head back home with some exciting new ideas. Sometimes a little bit of face-to-face networking, learning and inspiration is just what the doctor ordered!

Keep your eyes peeled for some marketing magic spilling out of Firefish soon…