Candidate Engagement

Turn on your candidate engagement engine and make 25% more placements as a result.

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Candidate engagement indicators

Get the full picture of what’s happening with your candidates in real-time at all times with the Firefish candidate engagement indicators.

See at a glance who’s new and existing in your recruitment database; who’s engaged and who’s not.

Our colour-coded engagement indicators light up to give you full visibility of your candidate network – and with everything being automated, there’s no room for human error.

Passive candidate tracking

Do your recruiters rely on advert responses to know when a candidate is looking for a new role?

There’s a whole load of passively-looking candidates out there who aren’t applying yet—and your recruiters are missing out on them.

Firefish tracks passive candidate behaviour, so you know when a candidate is considering a new job before they’ve even admitted it to themselves!

CV parsing & Boolean searching

As soon as a candidate CV is added to Firefish, the CV is parsed and immediately available for Boolean searching.

Search your priority keywords, postcode radius searching or even past employment records and Firefish will pull a list of candidates, highlighting your search terms on your CV previews.

Firefish instantly matches candidates against suitable employers, open jobs, potential adverts and companies who have looked for this skill set in the past.

Talent Pools

Segment your candidates into high-converting talent pools and keep them engaged across a variety of different platforms directly from within Firefish.

Get notified as soon as a new candidate enters your talent pool so you can begin nurturing them before they’ve even started looking for a new job.

That way, when they do go looking, you’re the only recruiter they want to talk to.

Here's what our customers think about candidate engagement with Firefish...

They have nailed candidate engagement within their platform

Daniel Power, Senior Business Manager

Firefish creates an incredible amount of engagement

William Pearce, Director

The software is simple to use with an extreme amount of power for Boolean search

Julian Eslick, Candidate Relations Manager

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