Streamline your recruitment tasks and communications by keeping everything in Firefish.

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Fill jobs without leaving your inbox

By synching your Outlook or Gmail inbox with Firefish, you’ll be able to add, update, and shortlist candidates without leaving your inbox on any device.

Easily transfer CVs and documents between your inbox and the Firefish CRM.

No need to waste time switching between your CRM and inbox as all information is synchronised in real-time.

Never miss a beat

Whether you use Outlook or Gmail, you can sync your email diary with the Firefish CRM.

View everything from candidate interview reminders and deadlines to new start alerts – all in your email calendar.

Any tasks you set within Firefish will instantly appear in your email to-do list, so you never miss abeat.


Whether you’re speaking to candidates on the phone, by email, or 2-way SMS, you can do it directly from within Firefish.

Contact candidates through your Firefish CRM to streamline your communications and keep everything in one place.

Any contact made through the CRM can be logged – whether through 2-way email logging , VoIP or recorded notes – and appears clearly on the candidate record.


Cut your reliance on job boards and save money by making use of Automated Job Alerts from Firefish!  

Source more of your candidates for free and re-engage your existing database to receive almost 700 more views on your vacancies per month and 16x more applications per user.


Our Outlook 2-way email logging feature automatically logs all email correspondence on candidate and hiring manager records via Office 365.

That way, you know what’s going on at a glance, as Firefish groups all conversations in your candidate activity records for you and your colleagues to see.

This also means you’re building reliable digital paper trails that demonstrate your database is always GDPR-compliant.

Here's what our customers think about communicating through Firefish...

“It’s so simple to populate all candidate information directly from an email attachment”

Adam Holt, TA Consultant

 “Uploading candidates and emails directly from Outlook is extremely efficient”

Victoria Birkenshaw, Research Manager

“The fact that our emails and Firefish are synced is a real pro”

Kamila Rafiqi, Recruitment Administrator

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