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Generate, manage and win new recruitment business – all in your CRM.

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Generate leads from your recruitment CRM

Firefish turns your recruitment database into a sales goldmine – create all new business opportunities directly from your CRM.

Segment your database of clients, prospects and targets to ensure you’re focussing your time on the strongest recruitment leads you have.

Proactively create weekly lists of relevant available candidates to spec out to those hot prospects!

Spec your best candidates

Firefish helps you keep your recruitment sales pipeline crackling with activity.

Spec one candidate out to multiple clients, multiple candidates out to one client or multiple candidates out to multiple clients - all at once in bulk!

Keep your clients updated on the best talent available in their market. Use the insights Firefish provides you to show you’re in the know about the candidates they want to speak to.

Manage your recruitment leads

Generate opportunities with prospects by learning exactly what they want from their record history of hiring activities.

Firefish uses AI to automate candidates matches, creating lists of the most relevant candidates based on your prospect’s hiring preferences so you can start placing candidates on the first call.

Impress your prospects by providing them with solid numbers on supply and demand in their market – Firefish brings the data to your fingertips.

Create formatted CVs in an instant

Save your business hundreds of admin hours by creating and editing fully formatted CVs within Firefish in an instant.

Found a candidate you want to spec out to a prospect ASAP?

Just click the 'Create formatted CV' button on the candidate record to instantly turn their CV into a branded PDF that's ready to go - and no uploading or downloading!

But don't take our word for it...

"Our recruiters were spending hours formatting CVs – this feature has made this so much better."

Gemma Graham, Business Manager

The platform is easy to use and match candidates to clients and jobs quickly.

Daniel Power, Senior Business Manager

"Firefish has made our working day so much moreproductive."

Claire Philips, Director

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