Michael Thomas - Application Support Developer

Michael Thomas

Application Support Specialist

Application Support Developer, Michael, hails from Liverpool and is an avid Liverpool FC fan who looks forward to their annual trip abroad for the Champions League Final (hope that's not jinxed them, Michael!)


When he's not in the Aquarium keeping Firefish issue-free for our customers, you'll usually find him catching up with family and friends, unwinding with a box-set or two, or indulging in a spot of online gaming.  Musical Michael plays guitar and bass - he even used to play in bands! - and can always be easily persuaded to have a jam with other musicians.  


Michael tells us that he likes working at Firefish as it’s very much ‘Fish first’ – it’s a great atmosphere, each employee is valued, and he's never felt that he's been thrown in at the deep end.  Fish can swim! And at Firefish, you’re not left to tread water; there’s always a helping fin available on request!


And, crucially, at Firefish there's no such thing as "too many puns"!