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Recruitment Reporting & Analytics

See what's working, and what needs work

How Effective is my Recruitment Website?  

Are the tools you're using to reach candidates doing their job, or missing the mark? Analyse your advert hits, clicks and applications with Firefish tracking to improve the quality and reach and performance of your job ads.


Recruitment KPIs

Data Driven Websites

How Engaged is Your Database?  

The value of your business is your data. And to increase that value you need up-to-date, engaged data. Make sure your engagement efforts are working with standard and bespoke reports from Firefish, which can be exported into Microsoft Word or Excel with one click.


Recruit Activities Who's Doing What?

The dashboard is the first thing your recruiters will see when they log into Firefish. Amongst other key functions, it displays weekly to-do lists, sales targets, and recruitment KPIs. You’ll be able to set unique KPIs for each member of the team, which will appear on their dashboards. Firefish will continuously update progress towards KPIs as your team work with the system.

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