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Services provided:

  • The TEAM Hub
  • TEAM Xchange
  • Helplines and Support

TEAM is the largest network of independent recruiters in the UK who, together, share experiences and knowledge.

TEAM has been supporting recruitment organisations for over 25 years. The purpose is to help Members achieve their goals whatever they may be and the variety and diversity of the Membership is proof of this. 

TEAM works closely with both the REC& APSCo to promote the recruitment industry and, by partnering with NPAworldwide, are able to provide Members with insight from around the world.

About Firefish

In an ever-evolving landscape, the growth of your recruitment agency requires more than just intuition – it demands the ability to unlock the value in your data.

Every interaction, every conversation, and every placement counts.

Firefish enables recruiters to be where it matters, when it matters. Identifying the sources that attract the best candidates, engaging and re-engaging your candidate database and converting 25% more placements from your recruitment CRM as a result.

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Partnership Offer

  • Discounts from TEAM suppliers, covering most services a business may ever need including competitive discounts on leading job boards.
  • Access to a network of hundreds of recruitment owners who can provide advice and support from a position of experience through regular networking opportunities.
  • Free document templates –  Document library with templated contracts and terms.
  • Access to a unique split fee-sharing portal allowing you to collaborate on roles with other recruiters and share the fee.

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