User Management

Take control of team permissions, enhance security, ensure compliance and support a positive work/life balance for your recruiters with user management tools.

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The importance of team management

Manage user access profiles

With profiles being assigned to each user role you can ensure that your recruiters and staff only have access to the information that they need, a big plus in the eyes of compliance and GDPR.

It also helps focus on the key responsibilities of each member of the team and create a safety net to ensure that that approval is needed to carry out more complex tasks.

Turn on enhanced security and login restrictions

Admins can also enforce Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and Time and IP restrictions. Meaning that recruiters will have to pass heightened security checks or will only be able to access the system during certain times or from certain locations.

This helps to maintain the security of your CRM and protect the wellbeing of recruiters by ensuring that there is no access at irregular hours and unknown locations.  

We love the logical task and workforce management functions.
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