2-way Text Messaging

Automate candidate text messages and receive replies straight into candidate records, all from within your CRM.

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Why should you be using SMS for recruitment

Personalise your candidate communications

Personalised SMS campaigns have the highest impact and deliver the greatest return on investment. By coupling Talent Pools with your SMS campaigns, you'll be able to create high-impact personalised campaigns that lead to more placements.

Segment your database into dynamic talent pools using filters such as location, job type, contract end-date and much more. Once your Talent Pools are setup, you'll be able to send personalised campaigns to candidates within your chosen pools at the click of a button.

Nurture relationships throughout your pipeline

SMS campaigns on Firefish have many uses.  This could be something simple, such as re-engaging candidates in the database that you haven't spoken with in a while, broadcasting your jobs or wishing a candidate well before an interview.

After that, you can move up to sending segmented SMS campaigns to candidates already engaged and in your talent pools. A more advanced SMS use might be something like a candidate survey sent out over SMS - giving you both brand exposure and candidate insight.

They have nailed candidate engagement with Firefish. We’re able to keep engaging with our candidates through social channels, SMS, email and click to call.
Daniel P
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