Recruitment Compliance

Five-star recruitment compliance features that do the hard work for you.

GDPR complaint recruitment

Firefish is designed to keep your recruitment database and processes in line with GDPR.

No matter how a contact enters your recruitment database, our CRM ensures you always have a fully auditable legal basis for holding their data.

Firefish also flags any contacts that fall out of your data-retention period so you can decide whether to re-engage the contact or remove their data.

Water-tight candidate compliance workflows

Set the criteria for what compliance looks like at your business and let our candidate compliance workflows manage the rest.

The compliance workflows ensure you always know when a candidate’s work permissions are coming up for renewal or they don’t have the right documentation to go out on a job.

Candidates also have their own secure candidate portal where they update their own compliance documents, taking the admin pressure off your recruiters.

Contract generator

When you’re sending out multiple different contracts every day, you need to be able to easily tailor them to every role.

Not only this, but you need to be confident your whole team are using the correct contracts and are not agreeing to anything they shouldn’t be!

The Firefish contract generator allows you to create, edit, and share contracts in just a few clicks, locking them down for your team so you so you don’t need to worry about what your recruiters are sending out.

Software that protects your business

Our company compliance workflows ensure you’re always doing business with the right companies.

To safeguard your business, Firefish can block your recruiters from working jobs with companies who haven’t been credit checked.

That way, they won’t waste time working jobs for companies that might never pay you, and can focus on the big winners!

Here's what our customers think about our recruitment Compliance workflows..

I certainly don't know how we would have coped with GDPR without Firefish.”

Clair Philips, Director

“Firefish allows me to keep in touch with both clients and candidatesand keeps me right for GDPR.”

Michael Smith, Director

"The GDPR offering is great and takes the hassle out of things."

Gillian Kerr, Senior Recruiter

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