Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)

Recruit the best candidates by taking top talent from A to B, faster.

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Job Workflow (ATS)

The Firefish ATS lets you keep close track of your candidates, from first touch through to placement.

Easily manage all your job activities such as candidate selection, interviews, CV sends-outs, offer management, extensions and terminations - whether you’re recruiting perm, temp, or contract.

Interview Management

Interviews have changed vastly in the last few years, so you need a system that can adapt along with your processes.

Whether your interview process involves online screening, virtual interviews, in-person interviews or meet the team beers, you can customise Firefish to suit your way of doing things.

Contract Extensions & Terminations

Easily generate new contracts and extensions, record terminations or roll on candidates from week to week.

As soon as changes happen in Firefish, the contract workflow automatically amends any sales figures, updates contract documentation, and notifies anyone who needs to know.

Hiring Manager ATS

As an Enterprise user you can extend the full ATS functionality to your hiring managers as well as your recruiters.

Simply choose how much of the recruitment process you own and how much the hiring manager self-serves.

From requesting offers to scheduling interviews, your recruiters can work closely through the Hiring Manager ATS to make the best possible hires.

Here's what our customers think of the Firefish ATS...

There's no doubt that Firefish are the market’s leading ATS provider!

Gordon Brown, Agency Owner and Founder

It's very user friendly and allows you to track candidates all theway through to placing and onboarding.

Clare McDonnell, Partner

Hiring Managers are always complimentary of the system

Mark Larner, Resource Manager

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