Introduce a friend. Get rewarded.

Recommend Firefish to a friend and you'll both receive a reward when they officially swim over to our shoal.

Introduce a friend

How it works

1. Send invite

First, think of a friend. You don’t need to be best friends, literally any will do - it's probably best if you do know them though. Then enter your details we’ll email you a special link to share with them.

2. They join Firefish

Your friend must follow the unique link and schedules a swim with our growth team. They'll go through the same process you did when joining and if you're in luck then they'll choose to join our shoal.

3. You both get rewarded

Once they're up and running with Firefish and they've paid their first bill, we’ll email you both a £30 Amazon Gift Card within 30 days (of bill payment).

Refer a friend

Frequently Asked Questions

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