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The Firefish Story


A drawing of a goldfish in a bowl, in Firefish Software coloursBuilt by Recruiters, for Recruiters

Back in 2006, our CEO Wendy was running a top-billing IT recruitment agency. She and her team were constantly frustrated by the limitations of the recruitment software options on the market, which felt old and clunky, and were totally out of touch with the kinds of challenges they faced every day.


What’s more, none of these systems were looking to the future; no one was talking about how to combine the power of a recruitment CRM with the latest recruitment marketing tools that were becoming so integral to how a recruiter does their job. 


And so, the team decided to develop their own software in-house!


When other recruitment teams caught wind of what they were able to achieve using the software, requests began flowing in from other business owners keen to try it out for themselves. In 2010, Firefish Software was spun out into a business in its own right, and eight years down the line, we’re supporting hundreds of recruitment teams around the world.


Firefish has got to where it is now because our customers are at the core of absolutely everything we do: Our software is built around real recruiter needs and responds to the challenges that our customers face in this tough but rewarding job. Our team knows this industry inside out, and that’s what makes our software so effective.