March 15, 2019

Putt-ing on Our Thinking Caps for Focus Day!

Fish - Focus Day! 

March means one very important thing to the Fish - Focus Day!  At the beginning of the month we all got together to hear how each team has progressed over the last six months and firm up our strategy for the next six months (and have a whole heap of fun while we're at it!) 

Not sure what Focus Day is?  Let the Fish tell you all about it! 



We started the day with a company update from Wendy.  We always look forward to this, as it's packed with insightful market information and gives us a brilliant understanding of how well Firefish is performing.  Next, we got into our teams to brainstorm our focus for the next six months: Working Better Together. 


We've grown massively, but as we grown it's important that we still communicate effectively so that every Fish knows what's happening, who does what and what they need to do so that we can provide the best service possible to our clients.


Objectives decided upon, it was time to eat!  Once we'd finished tucking into our yummy rolls and pastries, it was time for an update from each team on how they'd fared with our last focus: Efficiency Changes to Make Us More Effective.  It was great to see that each team had really pulled out all the stops to focus on efficiency, as better efficiency internally means a better experience externally for all our Fish friends!  From more effective project planning; to long-term content planning; further automation; prototyping; and improved information sharing there were some really interesting outcomes to share. 


Focus Day isn't all about work, though.  Oh no, you know the Fish like to have fun!  We packed up our putters and headed to ForePlay for a game of crazy golf! 


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There were some...ahem..."interesting" techniques on display, but a brilliant time was had by all.  We were especially delighted that Darren won the championship round beating - amongst others - John, who had been boasting for weeks about how he was guaranteed to win!  After we'd finished our rounds it was time for food, a spot of giant Jenga and Connect 4....and perhaps a light refreshment (or seven!)