June 6, 2016

You... Your Texts Are On Fire

FireText Partnership

"...and it burns, burns, burns the ring of fire" "We didn't start the fire, it was always burnin'..."

Yeah, there are a lot of songs out there about fire and trust us, we've had 'em all stuck in our heads since we partnered with FireText. You see, when your company name has 'fire' in it, and you come across another company with the same- you tend to get curious about them and latch on. When you find out they have a kick-ass product? You hold on tight and don't let go. That's exactly the case with the partnership between ourselves and FireText, and we are excited about the new avenues and communication channels we can offer our customers as a result. 

iPhone image to highlight Firetext integration with Firefish Software

Through this partnership, our users have a scorching hot way to get in touch with candidates- SMS. What's more, these messages can be sent straight from our system so recruiters don't need to be relying on actual phones. Of course, Firefish users can still use email marketing and social media; this just offers you yet another way to reach out. 

Firefish Software Infographic on SMS and mobile usage statistics

The guys at FireText are a brilliant bunch and we look forward to a long, happy partnership with them as we continue to set the recruitment industry alight with innovation and improvements. Had enough fire puns yet? 

If you want to find out more info, get in touch @firefishnow and be sure to check out or new pals @firetext_UK