August 11, 2015

The Promotion Queens

If you’re a regular reader of our news pages, social media or have spoken to any of the team recently- you’ll know all about our company growth and the consequential office move to a bigger space. While we love adding new talent to our already amazing team; sometimes you need to stop, take stock and appreciate the incredible people you’ve already got.

Kara Shorthouse, Natasha Shaurek and Louise Cunningham

Fresh Faces to the Firefish Family

Our plan has always been to add fresh faces to the Firefish family (and still is, so keep an eye on our vacancies) we’re delighted to announce that over the past couple of months, a few of our excellent employees have received well deserved and hard earned promotions! Cue the celebratory drinks, high fives and fancy new job titles. We do like a ‘theme’ so our three brilliantly successful ladies are now, ‘the Promotion Queens’…

Anyone who knows Firefish and loves our content will know Kara has been a core member of our Marketing team and the guardian of our blog since summer 2013. Kara had some experience as a freelance blogger so her way with words has been a massive asset to us. One of the things we pride ourselves on is the fact we allow our fishes to develop their own roles, find and play to their strengths and create a job they love coming to every day. This is exactly what Kara did.

Kara Shorthouse

After making the jump from Marketing Specialist to Head of Content, our resident blogging superstar became more interested in the middle of the funnel and what makes the market tick. In fact, we’ll let her tell you since she’s such a wordsmith: “Having focused more on the content side of our marketing for the last year, it’s really exciting to be moving into something new”. Kara has now become our Head of Conversions, the first of her kind. “This role is a brand-spanking new one for the company, and I’m already enjoying pioneering the way when it comes to unravelling some of the more mysterious parts of inbound marketing”.

Natasha joined the company in summer 2012 so is a bit of a Firefish veteran as one of the original team. Natasha’s previous job title was Software Developer and her fancy new one is Lead Front- End Developer. With the website integration Firefish offers, she’s one busy lady helping our clients make the most of their websites and importantly- making them look good.

Natasha Shaurek

Natasha can’t wait to get her teeth into her new role: “What I am really excited about is starting to work on our CMS so it allows users to interact with the constructing of their web pages much more freely and to generally be more user friendly”. We’re so happy that Natasha will be using her well-honed skills to help our users take more control of their own sites. We probably don't need to tell you that recruitment is a fast paced industry so it’s great that our users will have increased ability to make changes to their sites from the comfort of their own offices without having to rely on a third party. Knowing Natasha, these aren’t the only changes with lots of new features and additional tweaks happening, but we’d like to keep a few surprises up our sleeves…

Louise joined us in summer 2014 after first working as a recruiter for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and then taking on a Games-time role (she met William & Kate- there’s photos and everything!) Since then, she’s played an important role in Happiness; helping our users make the most of the system and keeping them - you guessed it - happy! But Louise really came into her own when handling the on-boarding of our new clients so now, our Happiness Specialist has taken ownership of this super important area. We’re delighted to say, Arise Louise, Queen of Onboarding!

Louise Cunningham

Louise is full of ideas and enthusiasm about her new role: “It’s always great to be recognised for what you are capable of and Firefish has really let me grow and develop in a role I can truly run with” she adds “Being Queen of Onboarding gives me the opportunity to shape a really important part of our clients’ journey. I’m also really excited for the future of the Happiness Team as a whole, there’s not many companies in the UK with a team dedicated to happiness so it kind of feels like we’re front runners and that’s amazing!”

Exciting times ahead at Firefish, and of course, we'll keep you updated as things progress.