Recruitment reporting

Get a clear overview of the recruitment data you want to see, the way you want to see it.

bring your recruitment data to life - instantly

Create visual reports that tell you everything you want to know about your team’s recruitment activities at a glance.

Want to see who’s making the most calls this week, or which team is smashing it out the park this month compared to last?

Customise your dashboard to find out exactly what you want to know in an instant.

Dive into the data you want to know more about

Dig deeper into the recruitment data that really matters to you: Hover over graphs to view the numbers or click to see breakdowns of the data and where it came from in your CRM.  

Find out exactly how many activities have been done, who’s doing them and who your best performers are.

Get the big picture of your team’s positive impact on the business.

Customise the dashboard to your needs

How do you want to see your data? Whether you want a pie, bar or donut graph, you can change each report any time with the click of a button.

Mix and match the data you want to see across your dashboard: Group your reports by activity or by individual.

The Reports Dashboard tells you anything you want to know about your users, when you need to know it.

Here's what our customers think about the Reports Dashboard...

"The dashboard gives our team an instant snapshot of where they are activity-wise and we’re able to get a handle on activity data while working from home"

Rob S, IT Manager

“Very easy, very simple…it’s really user friendly”

Kirsty Godsal, Business Support Consultant

“When you're managing a team remotely, it gives you a quick insight into who needs a little motivation boost or support”

Alice Cadfan-Lewis, Managing Director

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