Revoco Success Story

Revoco: Recruitment Innovation with Firefish Software

How Has Firefish Software Supported Revoco?


Revoco founder Iain Blair has been particularly impressed by the ability inside Firefish to allow clients to log in to a dedicated portal.  This means that his recruiters can build up talent pools for specific clients, and give them access in an outsourced or managed services manner.  Thanks to this feature, Revoco are now working with River Island to exclusively recruit their technology staff with a fully branded site and campaign.


Why Do Revoco #lovethefish?


Firefish’s integration with social platforms has been invaluable to Revoco, as they aim to capture candidates from all possible sources.  Once these candidates have been attracted, the ability to track their engagement with job alerts and the candidate portal has allowed the recruiters at Revoco to hire more efficiently, and spend time on interested candidates without the guesswork.


Who Are Revoco?


Revoco are a technology recruitment and talent acquisition agency based in Bristol.  They offer a variety of services, from sourcing one-off nice candidates to managing the recruitment of entire teams, and pride themselves on doing things differently.  With a strong focus on client needs and candidate care, Revoco have quickly made a name for themselves in the market.



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