Worldteachers Client Success Story with Firefish

Worldteachers Success Story

"I highly recommend this product as it serves as your company website, a public job board, your front office specialist software and your back office management suite - it does everything you need"

Roddy Hammond, CEO at World Teachers


World Teachers recruits exclusively for the global market, placing UK teachers in international schools. With an impressive collection of candidates and clients which is growing year-on-year, World Teachers require a recruitment software that will help them remain connected to all contacts and be able to source the best candidates for each subject, school and country. This is where Firefish comes in.

Roddy Hammond, CEO wouldn’t hesitate to endorse Firefish to other recruitment agencies- even those operating in large or niche markets which can be notoriously challenging. The fact everything is streamlined and under one roof –so to speak- helps massively.

Roddy Hammond from Worldteachers