Your #PredictiveRecruitment Onboarding Journey

A drawing of a life ring stating Welcome AboardWelcome Aboard!

You should be excited about moving to a new system, not stressed, so we make it our priority to make the implementation of your new system as smooth as possible. To make sure you start off on the right foot and get off to a flying start, we focus on four key aspects throughout your onboarding;



We'll work with you to schedule all aspects of your onboarding experience;

  • Data

  • Website

  • Coaching Sessions


Setting You up to Swim to Success

Dive in and swim to success by getting to grips with;

  • Bespoke settings

  • Adding data, recording actions and follow ups

  • Proactively searching your data


Get Fishing

Reach out to new candidates, target the right people and watch those fees stack up. We'll look at;

  • Managing the job workflow, placements and sales figures

  • Creating appealing adverts and sharing them straight to your website


Maximising Firefish

Once you've grasped the basics, we'll make sure it's all working by:

  • Setting KPI's and sales targets

  • Analysing your performance

  • Engaging with your current database