March 27, 2017

Swimming Down to The Annual TEAM Conference

Here at Firefish, we do things a bit differently, as you may have guessed from our space hopper antics.  

That means that conferences aren’t always our style.  But one we’re sure to never miss is the TEAM annual conference.  The TEAM gang are a lovely bunch, and they don’t seem to mind when we show up with hundreds of balloons, or when we spend all day making fish puns.

This year, Wendy and Vicki swam down to Whittlebury Hall on the Thursday night to get set up and in the mood to party.  

Special mention HAS to go to our friends at Boomerang Funding and Green Umbrella for lending a helping fin in blowing up two hundred red balloons for our balloon trees!  

Once the stand was all set up and looking Firefish-fabulous, it was time to catch up with all our friends in the bar and have a tasty dinner to set us up for the main event on Friday.


Firefish Stand at TEAM Conference 2017

Getting into the spirit at TEAM Conference 2017

After a good night’s sleep, it was time to throw ourselves into the TEAM waters and swim with our friends.  

As it was Red Nose Day, there were silly pictures galore, and everyone was buying raffle tickets from Boomerang Funding in aid of Comic Relief in the hopes of winning a prize, donated by a variety of lovely people.  

At Firefish, we donated an overnight stay with bubbles (well, we had to get the fish theme in there somewhere!), which was scooped up by the lucky people at Wagstaff Recruitment. 

Vicki with red nose

After a busy morning of networking and catching up with our friends at Outsauce and West Tek IT, it was time for lunch, and Whittlebury Hall once again excelled themselves with the spread.  

All the food was fantastic, and we’re reliably informed that the sushi was the real star. Not that we’d know of course, fish are friends, not food!


Wendy presents at the TEAM Conference 2017

Once all the plates were empty and the tummies full, it was straight into a full house for Wendy’s presentation on What Can We Learn From the Top Performing Recruitment Agencies.  You can get your copy of the eBook here.  

You can’t keep us serious for too long however, so the afternoon was full of attendees enjoying our ‘fortune balloons’.  Step right up, pop a Firefish balloon and find your fortune within.  Okay, so it wasn’t a fortune, it was a compliment, or a joke, but who needs an ancient proverb when you can get told how fab you look?


An excellent keynote speech

As the afternoon drew to a close, the keynote speaker was revealed to be Justin Hughes of Mission Excellence, a former Red Arrows pilot, and his words couldn’t have been more spot on for the TEAM conference.  

We might joke around, but the themes of honesty and team building really shine through, and this was the centrepiece of his presentation.  Straight afterwards, the draw for the Boomerang Funding Red Nose Day Raffle took place, and it was great to see so many happy faces picking up prizes. 


TEAM Conference 2017 Keynote

There ain't no party like a TEAM party!

It, of course, wouldn’t be a TEAM conference without the party afterwards! An amazing black tie dinner followed by drinks, dancing, drinks, networking, drinks, and friends.  Well, did you never wonder where the phrase ‘Drinks like a fish’ comes from?  

Wendy and Vicki were blessed with a fantastic table of friends to spend the dinner with – the gang from Wagstaff Recruitment, Winhurst Recruitment, Elevate Recruitment, Hampshire Financial Planning and Recruit 12 really made the evening special.  

Sadly, we don’t have any photos from the evening event.  Nope.  Definitely no photos, and most especially no photos of Firefish enjoying cocktails!

We say this every year, but TEAM have definitely done it again.  

We can’t believe how much fun we had, and we’re already counting down the days till the next TEAM event.  If you’re interested in dipping your toes into the TEAM waters, you can find out more here.  

We don’t only rock out at the TEAM conference though, so if you’re keen to find us at other events this year, drop us a line or tweet us.