Reports Dashboard

Build custom dashboards and bring your data to life with a variety of visualisation options. Use the reports dashboard and build data stories to learn from your data, focus your business and bring accountability to your team.

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Measure the metrics that matter

Fully Customisable Dashboards

How do you want to see your data? Whether you want a pie, bar or donut graph, you can change each report any time with the click of a button.

Mix and match the data you want to see across your dashboard: Group your reports by activity or by individual.

The Reports Dashboard tells you anything you want to know about your users, when you need to know it.

Report on the metrics that matter

Build several default dashboards that paint a clear picture of what’s happening each area of your business.

That way, marketing can focus on the data that’s relevant to them, directors can get a high-level overview of the whole business and teams can work together to smash their goals.

I like the report features, standard reports are great, but report builder lets me generate reports specific to my company's needs.
Leslie A
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