Interview Management

Send interview details to candidates and clients, add additional documents and automatically add the date and time to your to do list.

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Setting up interview management workflows

Improving your success rate with interview management

With automated and customisable email templates you can confirm all of the details of their interview, adding extra notes and advice on the location, the dress code or the clients' preferences.

You can also attach a personalised interview guide at this stage to include more general interview tips.  

Providing a smooth candidate and client experience

With details auto-filling the emails from the interview details in your CRM and 2-way email logging, both parties will receive the same interview details meaning there is less chance of a mix up with dates and times.  

2-way email also means that any reply to these emails will be captured in the record of the candidates and clients meaning any amendments will not be missed.  

Revolutionised our way of working. We can track all our records, both client and candidate, together with managing interviews and seeing where each candidate is in the journey.
Emma D
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