GDPR Workflow

Simplify your candidate data flow, ensuring it all goes in to one system and is fully auditable.

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Track Candidate Consent Throughout Your Recruitment Database

Request, Manage and Track Consent with Ease

Once you have seen the status of your GDPR compliance in your to-do list, you’ll have the ability to manually set the GDPR status of your candidates. The option to send or resend a request to accept your GDPR agreement, or mark candidates for deletion who have reached the expiration date.

Ensuring your recruitment database is fully compliant at all times.

Capture Compliance Requirements at Registration

Using the native Candidate Registration plug-in, you’ll have the tools to capture consent and marketing preferences from candidates during the registration process.  

Candidates can then update or renew their consent and marketing preferences at any time via your branded candidate portal. Ensuring that you have the correct consent at the first touch point with your candidates.  

Firefish Customer Support is faultless. The software also automates a lot of our admin processes and keeps us safe with GDPR.
Paul W, Recruitment Agency Owner
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