Email Integration and Campaigns

Run bulk email campaigns for sourcing, marketing and business development, set follow ups and see replies automatically recorded inside your CRM with Bulk email and 2-Way email integration.

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Change the way you recruit with 2-way email integrations

Bulk email from Firefish

Bulk email with Firefish lets you target, create and send email campaigns in a few easy steps. Easily search for a list of candidate or prospects to send re-engagement emails, live vacancies and even spec CV’s.  

Choose from any template and let Firefish manage the admin by only sending to those with the correct marketing preferences and adding details of the email to the candidate or contact record automatically. Finally see a breakdown of any failed email attempts to contact those who have missed out.  

2-Way email integration

See your emails automatically populate on candidate and client records without any copy and pasting and jumping between outlook and your CRM. This provides a comprehensive paper trail for GDPR purposed and prevents you from missing any replies when you come back to speak with the candidate in future.

The ability to create candidate pools and send bulk emails is a massive time saver.
Katie J
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