Candidate Compliance

Our candidate compliance workflows do the hard work for you, ensuring that all your candidates are fully compliant. Helping you avoid placement loss or delays during the recruitment process.

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How does candidate compliance work?

Water-tight compliance workflows

Set the criteria for what compliance looks like at your business and let our candidate compliance workflows manage the rest. The compliance workflows ensure you always know when a candidate’s work permissions are coming up for renewal or they don’t have the right documentation to go out on a job

You can also set an extra level of security by making sure that recruiters can only make a placement in the system once their compliance user or superuser has signed off the necessary compliance

Stress-free candidate compliance

Save your recruiters the time and stress of scanning and uploading compliance documents by encouraging your candidates to use the self-service candidate portal.

Automate follow-ups actions in your recruiters to do list. Ensuring candidates are fully compliant well in advance of a placement.  

Firefish was very easy to set up, helps to speed up the search of candidates and we can work quicker knowing that compliance is taken care of.
Richard M
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