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Automate processes throughout the hiring journey and give recruiters to the freedom to spend more time building both candidate and client relationships.

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Contract Generator

Improve time-per-placement for contract roles by automating contract creation and empowering candidates to electronically sign contracts on your candidate portal.

CV Formatter

Quickly create formatted CVs within candidate records in just a couple of clicks, without having to leave your recruitment CRM.

Task Management

Help your recruiters to stay on top of tasks with personalised 'To Do' lists that automatically update and integrate with email calendars to streamline interviews and meetings.

Engagement Indicators

Colour coded candidate engagement indicators provide recruiters with instant insight into which candidates are engaging with your agencies content.

Passive Candidate Tracking

Get a clear picture of how passive candidates have engaged and responded to your recruitment agencies campaigns, allowing recruiters to prioritise follow-ups.

Talent Pools

Segment your agencies candidate database into high-converting, dynamic talent pools that help recruiters keep candidates engaged across a variety of different platforms.

Potential Matches

Reduce time-to-fill by identifying potential matches from within your existing candidate database using AI-powered candidate matching.

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