Data Migration

Data Migration

Start fresh with a new system and clean data

A drawing showing data flowing into the Firefish recruitment softwareHere at Firefish, we understand that you are recruiters, not data migration experts. All of our onboarding team are ex-recruiters, on hand to help you as much or as little as you need to get your data into Firefish, cleaned up and ready to go. We've completed data migrations from most systems including Bond Adapt, Bullhorn, Colleague, Trisys, RDB Pro, Voyager, Microdec, Eclipse, Evolve, eBoss, Recruit So Simple and Zoho in addition to many bespoke systems.


Not only do we make sure all of your vital data is transferred over swiftly, we offer customised data cleansing so that you're starting on your new system with fresh, up-to-date data. So what are the data migration options?


Excel Migration

This is a basic data upload from Excel onto Firefish. We provide a set structure which allows you to populate standard key fields in your new database. Excel migrations operate on a self-service structure, whereby you populate our spreadsheet with your basic data and we upload it onto Firefish.


Light Data Migration

A light data migration transfers all of your candidate, contact and company information into Firefish. This includes candidates’ original and formatted CVs but no other documents, notes or job and advert workflows.


A light data migration also includes a standard 2-hour walk through session with a recruitment data expert to ensure you're happy and that all your data is in the right place.


Full Data Migration

This is a full migration of all your recruitment data from your current system onto Firefish. This includes all notes, workflows and documents in addition to all of your candidate, contact and company information.


This also includes a full data cleanse with 5 data clean-up scripts and up to 5 hours of data consultation (inc planning and data-checks throughout the process). Additional data clean-up and consultation are available at extra cost.