It's Turning Into RecruitmentMania

It's Turning Into RecruitmentMania

Friday 25 Mar 2016

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Remember when you were a wee kid and you'd be so excited for the end of March because it was WrestleMania season? Just us? Who are we kidding?!... it's still us! Well our Future of Recruitment event is getting bigger and better by the day- so much so that we've heard "It's turning into RecruitmentMania" more than once. Have a look at our super-cool freshly confirmed full speakers line-up... *drumrolls and pyro everywhere*...

Future of Recruitment Promo Image by Firefish Software

"In the red corner, with a combined Twitter following of 122k and years of experience and knowledge of the recruitment industry, it's the Future of Recruitment Speakers!"

Yes! We're so happy to finally reveal the full list of big names in all its glory! We told you it would be a good 'un! If you already have your tickets for the big day, you can look forward to a full morning masterclass from Greg Savage, our keynote afternoon speaker Johnny Campbell and other talks from Bill Boorman, Google Dave, Wendy McDougall, Matt Burney, Kai Murray and Alan Hiddleston. 

Keep your eyes on our social media and the Future of Recruitment event site in the coming weeks as we reveal more about the topics, day's schedule and other exciting developments. The #FutureofRec tag will also be lighting up and we have Blabs planned with all of our speakers which you don't want to miss. Oooh it's going to be great and we can't wait to see you all in Glasgow in June. We hope summer will make an appearance for you all on the day but with this stellar line-up we're not too worried. 

We'll also be selling t-shirts and action figures... Ha! Just kidding, that we'll leave to WWE. 

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