Adding New Fish to Our Aquarium

Wednesday 25 Nov 2015


When you have a lovely, shiny aquarium like ours- the natural thing to do is to fill it up with lots of clever, super duper fish. At Firefish we #swimwiththebest and recently we’ve cast our net out into the talent seas and caught some great ones. If you’ve been keeping abreast of the company news pages or social feeds, you’ll be well aware of all the growth that’s been happening. 

Firefish Software Careers new Fish

But what about our ‘catch of the day’ x3? Well, c’mon down and meet the new additions!

Harry Berry (no, not the superstar Bond Girl, Halle) has joined us as Front-End Developer. He’s a bright button who’s already impressing us with his design skills and years of experience- this is very good news for us and our clients! His genuine interest in and passion for his work is clear to see and he’s reaping the benefits of having such a brilliant team around him.

Debbie McMillan has been welcomed into the Happiness team as Recruitment Support Specialist. She’s settled in well and can’t wait to get her teeth into the support sessions, client calls and webinars (or Deb-inars, gettit?) which all come with her new role. No two days are the same in Happiness but we’re sure Debbie is just the gal to grab the challenge by both fins!

Andrew McLatchie (yep- another Andrew. Who’d have thought a Scottish company would have more than one Andy in our midst?!) has joined our Dev team as Product Developer. The other Devs are doing cartwheels that he’s finally here, not that they’ve needed a new pal but the workload just keeps growing as more people buy into the Firefish way of doing things. Andrew understands Japanese –fun fact- but thankfully for us, he’s also fluent in code. Whatta guy!

If you want to check out our profiles and learn a little more then Meet the Team here and if you think you could #lovethefish as much as we do, cast an eye over our current vacancies