New Fish on the Block

Friday 17 Jul 2015


♫ Listen up everybody if you wanna take a chance… just get on the floor and do the New Kids’ dance! ♪

We’re definitely dancing with delight as we welcome another couple of talented whizz kids into our Firefish Family! As you’ll know, we’re rapidly outgrowing our current home and are going to be on the move very soon.


In the meantime, our priority is still to deliver the best experience we can to our users and deliver great content to our subscribers and fans and our two new additions will absolutely help us to continue this. So… without further ado, let’s see who we’ve welcomed into the fold so far this summer!


Alex joins us our Marketing team with the cool job title of Content Guru. Summed up, he'll make sure we have regular, informative and readable content on our blog. Alex grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but joins us in Glasgow via Reading. Phew! When he's not busy with work, Alex likes to relax by playing lacrosse, listening to podcasts or watching True Detective. He's got great taste in TV, clearly, so we're excited for what's to come content-wise for Firefish...


Gavin is our latest addition and will be working with our existing product support team in a Junior Application Support role. Day to day, he'll be busy making sure our users have the best experience when navigating our software. Born and bred in Ayrshire, Gavin is an identical twin (so he isn't actually in two places at once, that's his twin!) and when he isn't at work, he plays video games and likes cop shows on TV -so he and Alex should get on well!


We're super happy with our newest team members and with lots of growth planned, we hope to be updating you about other new arrivals soon. Now, back to getting ready for our move- those boxes won't pack themselves!