Gabriela Ochoa

Data & Email Guru

Gabriela originally hails from Ecuador, a far cry from our Glasgow Aquarium, but she’s brought a little bit of flair with her and plays capoeira in her spare time.

Email & Data Guru? Sounds complicated to us..

There is a lot of data involved but it is interesting at the same time and I never get bored. I like the fact that it is quite varied so no two days are the same.

So, you’re already a Firefish superhero, but if you suddenly received powers beyond being a data whizz, what would they be?


When you’re not swimming in our Aquarium, what are you up to? 

I like both keeping fit and eating! When I am not working, I am usually at the yoga studio, at the gym, or having tea/coffee + cake.

Sounds varied. Tell us another fact about yourself?

I wasn’t a very good cook so I decided that 2017 was going to be the year I learned to cook. I haven’t cooked much but I have been learning to bake so expect cake!

That’s what we like to hear!! Us Firefishes love cake.  This is sounding too good to be true, an embarrassing question now – everyone sings in the shower, what tune are you belting out?

The Four Top – I can’t help myself