Christine Stark

Digital Marketing Champion

Keen to know more about this member of our marketing mob? Despite claiming she doesn't know any interesting facts about herself, she's got plenty to add to the Aquarium with her on point organisational skills and marketing talents!

What's being a Digital Marketing Champion all about, then?

Marketing is always evolving, and there’s never one single right answer on how to do a task.  This means I have a lot more freedom in my job, and I’ll certainly never be bored.

What do you do when you’re not at your desk? 

I’ll be curled up on the couch with my laptop on my knee, my phone in my hand and the TV on, so I can read up on blogs that I follow, keep up the chat with my pals and catch up on the hundred odd TV shows I watch...

Sounds divine! What kind of stuff do you like watching, and what's the best TV food to go with it?

It’ll either be some kind of nature documentary or endless crime dramas.  Eating? I’m eating everything! I bake, so it could be something I’ve made, or it’ll be some good old fashioned Dairy Milk. 

Yum! Apart from your super baking skills, what would you like as a super power?

Reading minds – knowing what other people are thinking would sure make marketing easier. And gift buying!

And finally… surprise us, what’s a strange or interesting fact about you?

I appeared in a BBC spelling competition when I was eleven – got a free trip to London for the trouble so it wasn’t as awful as it sounds...