Andrew Mackay


Andrew keeps the development and support teams at Firefish in check but what else makes him tick? We know he grew up in Perthshire and loves Jurassic Park but there may be a few surprises...

So, what exactly does a Technical Director do?

As CTO here at Firefish my primary focus is to ensure that the technical side of the business is running as smoothly as possible. I pretty much built the first version of the system single-handedly but now my main responsibilities are to ensure that the various development and support teams have what they need to take the product further. We are constantly adding new features and improving the user-experience to give the best product we can to our users.

Why do you #lovethefish? 

Building a product that really makes a difference and inspires the people who use it. 

You’re not in the office- what are you up to?

I love being outdoors and am a keen landscape photographer. I have recently taken up archery and also enjoy cooking – especially proper BBQ. TV-wise I like crime dramas and sci-fi series like Sense 8 and Homeland. 

Everyone does it- what song do you belt out when you think no one can hear?

My number one holiday tune has to be Renegades of Funk by Rage Against The Machine! I also have a penchant for Classic Rock – you can’t beat a bit of Creedence Clearwater Revival or Bob Seger.

And finally, tell us something that we’d be surprised to know about you? 

I lived in Nova Scotia, Canada for three years when I was a kid – which is probably where my love of American style BBQ was driven into me. I’ve taken a keen interest in pit-roasting/smoking food on my BBQ recently and I can safely say that nothing beats a 6-hour slow-roasted, smoked shoulder of pork!