Ryan Hutcheson

Client Success Champion

It was no surprise that to us that our running superstar Ryan would choose superspeed as his superpower...but what else did we find out when we sat down for a chat with our resident biscuit-addict?


Hi Ryan!  So tell us...what's the best thing about your job? 

There's so much I love about it, but the best thing is probably being able to work really closely with my clients and support them through the Firefish experience.


We know you love a biscuit (true story - Ryan's first Firefish interview ended with a 15 minute discussion on the relative merits of various types of biscuits!) but are there any other treats you can't resist? 

Cake.  All cake, really, but if I had to choose it'd be either millionaires shortcake or chocolate fudge cake. 


How do you like to unwind when you're not at the Aquarium? 

I really enjoy running.  I did the London Marathon in 2014, the 22k Balmaha Trail, and organised and took part in lots of events when I worked for Nike, such as a Glasgow Subway run and an Edinburgh to Glasgow relay.  


We all do it, so own up…what's your favourite song to sing in the shower or when you think nobody can hear you?

Even though wasn’t born in the 80s I have an extensive back catalogue of 80s music that I can whip out at any time, and I think my song of choice would have to be Africa by Toto.


Rumour has it you're a big film fan.  What was your favourite film when you were growing up?

The Empire Strikes Back is pretty close to a perfect film, so I'd go for that.  It’s got great action sequences and probably the second best lightsaber battle of all the Star Wars films (after Return of the Jedi).


It’s time to pack up and jet off… where are you heading to?

My favourite city is Prague – I like the landscape of it all, it's almost fairytale…and the beer is excellent!  I've been there three times and I've always had a great time.