Dario Wright - Client Success Champion at Firefish Software

Dario Wright

Client Success Champion

Dario hails from Northern Ireland and has a passion profiteroles, is giddy for Ghostbusters and thinks it would be terrific to time travel.  But what else makes our Happiness hero, well, happy?!

Hey Dario!  We know you love working with our Fish friends, but what do you get up to when you're not in the Aquarium? 

I have two young children so I have great fun spending time with them.  I'm also really into music, and started collecting records when I was 12.  I've got a really broad collection from rock to blues to psychedelia to pop...but I draw the line at One Direction or Justin Bieber! 

If you're a big music fan does that mean you also sing? 

Well, I have been known to belt out New York State of Mind, particularly when I've been travelling in the States.  When the pipes have been well lubricated I can manage a pretty good Joe Cocker impression, too!

If you've got some TV time lined up, what will you most likely be watching? 

It'll probably be either The Sopranos or Dr Who.  My favourite Doctor would be either Peter Davison, as he was in charge of the TARDIS when I was a kid, or Peter Capaldi.  I have met Sylvester McCoy though - he was amazing.  He taught me how to play the spoons in a bar, and even sent me a Christmas card!

It's time to pack up and jet off.  Where are you heading to? 

I love New York and Philadelphia.  I worked in New Jersey for a while, initially on the Boardwalk then in poker commentary, and spent a lot of time in New York.  I love the people and the music history there, so that's definitely where I'd go. 

Surprise us - what's a strange or interesting fact about you? 

Van Morrison once told me it was past my bedtime and to go to bed. 

Honestly! I was visiting a friend whose dad was friends with Van Morrison.  He'd come round sometimes and one evening I wandered into the kitchen and he was there.  He pointed at me and told me it was past my bedtime and to go to bed.  I was 16 and it was only 9pm!