Minh Nguyen

Automation Engineer

Our marvelous Minh hails from Vietnam, and swapped Ho Chi Minh City for Glasgow back in 2011.   He assures us that he loves the colder Glasgow weather...but isn't hugely keen on the rain!  Let's find out more about our resident Automation Engineer...


Hi Minh!  You know we love a compliment, so tell us - what do you like best about working at Firefish? 

I really like the office - it's so nice! - and having such a nice team to work with. 

Aww, we think you're lovely too!  What do you like to do to unwind when you're not at your desk?

I love travelling to new areas, watching movies and walking in the park.

What was your favourite film when you were growing up? 

Home Alone!

We bet you've got a great singing voice!  What's your favourite song to sing when you think no-one can hear you?

Let it Go (Minh declined to disclose whether he can hit all those high notes!) 

If you've got a night of TV and yummy snacks lined up, what will you be watching and eating? 

I have a beautiful little daughter so I'll have to watch Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom...with lots of my favourite pizza!