Ashley Smith

Client Success Champion

She grew up in Cumbernauld and once recorded a song that was played in the nighclubs of New York!  Our Client Success Champion Ashley loves supporting users through their Firefish experience, but let's find out a bit more about her...

When you're not in the Aquarium, what are you most likely to be up to?

I'll be running, or blogging about fashion and makeup.

You'll need to give us some style tips then! If you're wanting a calmer more relaxed night, what's on TV and what are the snack options?

I'll be watching Prison Break or Keeping Up With The Kardashians, with some Doritos and salsa and Galaxy Cookies and Cream.

Sounds good - we want to join you!  What was your favourite film when you were just a baby fish?

Beauty and the Beast

Everyone does it - what song do you belt out when you think no one can hear?

I'll sing any ballad

And finally, if you were able to pick a superpower, what would you go for? 

The power of invisibility, so I could spy on everyone!