LinkedIn Video for Recruiters

Crowdcast: LinkedIn Video for Recruiters

7  August  2019 

Join us live on Wednesday 7th August at 4pm for the next edition of the Firefish #FutureofRec Crowdcast.

Join Cameron on the show this month will be recruitment agency founder and LinkedIn video legend, Mark Gaisford. If you're not one of the thousands of recruiters already actively engaging with Mark's awesome LinkedIn vids, we highly recommend following his page!

Thanks to an initial push from his video marketing expert son, jack, Mark threw himself into the world of LinkedIn video a couple of years ago, and it's really amazing what this has done got his recruitment brand and business.

Today, he's posting video content that tots up 170,000+ views and is so engaging even LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner himself finds the time to tell him so. 

So tune in on the 7th to get the lowdown from Mark on...

  • His thoughts and experiences with LinkedIn video strategy: what works, what doesn’t, and potential mistakes to avoid.
  • Insights on what LinkedIn video has done for Mark’s personal brand and his recruitment agency, RedSprout.
  • Mark’s top tips on how to keep improving your LinkedIn videos.

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