Customer Webinar: Caring for Your Candidates

Customer Webinar: Caring for Your Candidates

13  December  2018 

Candidates are the key to a successful recruitment business - and you know that! But how do you make sure your candidates feel valued by you as a recruiter, instead of feeling like they're just a number in a database?

As every member of our Happiness Team is a former recruiter, they really how recruitment works.  We're holding this webinar to show Firefish customers ways our system can help you look after your candidate network, and make sure every candidate gets a top class experience.

Register and get great, actionable advice on how you can use our system to engage your candidates, and make the most of the features inside Firefish.

If you'd like even more tips on how to care for your candidates, why not download a copy of our eBook on How to Manage a Candidate Job Offer - just click the link here, or check out our four-step plan on how to turn your database into a valuable candidate network here.


Thursday 13th December 2018
16:00 GMT


This webinar has now passed - get in touch with your success champion for more info

About our Happiness Team

Firefish Software is proud to have an entire team dedicated to customer happiness. Every member of our Happiness Team is a former recruiter, so they understand how recruiters work, and the challenges and frustrations that arise. In recognition of their hard work, our Happiness Team have won the SME National Business Award for Service Excellence. If you'd like extra, personalised Firefish coaching, get in touch with your Client Success Champion to discuss options and pricing.

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Care for Your Candidates - a FIrefish Software webinar

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